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Hi! I’m Sangeetha

I began my yoga journey in 2017 and I have been hooked ever since! Prior to yoga and meditation, my normal state of being was stress, debilitating anxiety and constant worry. And then Yoga happened.

My mind is clearer, and I can now look at my thoughts more objectively. I choose to listen to the thoughts that are going to benefit me and let go of the thoughts that are going to be of disservice. Physically I am fitter and more flexible than I have ever been in my entire life. Moreover, the stress I had been carrying in my lower back disappeared after a couple of yoga classes.

Yoga was my “gateway medicine”. Yoga opened the gates for me to explore other holistic therapies such as kinesiology, reiki, all types of meditation such as mindfulness and mantra meditation and the list goes on.

I could go on forever about the benefits I have reaped from my wellness journey. More importantly, I’d like to share with you why my awesome team and I have created this wellness platform. During my wellness journey, I found myself asking why is it so hard to find a meditation teacher or a yoga workshop or a kinesiologist or any wellness service? In a time when everything is instant, it was mind boggling why I needed to spend hours on google searching for a wellness practitioner or a wellness service that best suited my needs.

Hence we set out to make it easier for everyone to find wellness. Wellness doesn’t have to be a gated community where someone needs to know a person who knows someone, who then knows someone else. Wellness is for everyone and it should be part and parcel of everyone’s life.

The issue doesn’t stop there. Because most practitioners don’t have an online presence, you can’t even find them online. We give these practitioners the opportunity to have an online presence and a platform to promote their services in a cost-effective manner.

By making the wellness world a more connected place, we are levelling the playing field and giving the smaller players, the private practitioners, a viable chance to take on the “big boys”.

Our aim is simple. It is to build a community of like-minded people who share a common passion for wellbeing. Choose your Wellness is where wellness practitioners and wellness seekers can come together to learn, help and support one another.

This platform is my way of giving back and sharing my passion for wellness with all of you. For wellness seekers, I would like you to benefit from this platform like how I have benefited from my own wellness journey. For wellness practitioners, I would like you to get more quality customers because the more customers you attain means more people are benefiting from your valuable service, hence increasing our chances of creating a healthy and wholesome society.

Choose Your Wellness in its essence, is all about creating health and wellbeing for oneself so that we can live a long life to serve others and achieve the extraordinary. Join our mission and let’s spread wellness to everyone around us so that we all can live to our truest potential.